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Understanding your user is no easy task. The Research and Strategy division is devoted to working directly with users to improve products and systems for more effective market solutions. The R&S group offers user verification studies, market research, competitor analysis, and idea generation for our clients.

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Every project starts with a “How might we” statement (sometimes more than one) which will outline the direction and goals of the project.

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Following a course throughout the semester, the projects begin with benchmarking and market research, followed by interviews, unpacking and ideating, resulting one a cohesive finalized report.

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At the end of the semester and completion of the project, the team will present the final deliverables in the form of a final report, including applications and next-step consulting suggestions.


Design U's Research + Strategy team partnered up with Sezzle, an online payment solution that works with companies to offer installment plans. 

Our team worked to improve the check-out experience for shoppers.