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Harvest Nation is a vertical aeroponic farm whose revolutionary design makes healthy living a viable option in communities challenged by location, climate, and 

economic restraint.


Harvest Nation is currently fundraising for a three-year pilot project. Their goal is to 

provide communities in northern Minnesota with 40+ varieties of fresh, affordable 

produce year-round. Harvest Nation plans to sell annual subscriptions for produce on 

ten-day distribution cycles.

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Design a growing bin system that is modular and works for various heights and plants.

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Aeroponics is the process of raising plants in a misted environment without a growing medium (eg. soil). 


Aeroponics produces faster growth and higher yields while minimizing water and space.


Controlled Lighting

Artificial lights maintain a precise brightness and duration for optimal growth.  


Nutrient Mist

A high-pressure mist of nutrient solution constantly feeds the exposed roots.


Reclaimed Water

The leftover nutrient mist condenses, pools, and is collected to be re-pressurized.

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Market Analysis + Ideation

Preliminary designs focused on modular shelving and flexible materials.

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Low + Mid-Fi Prototypes

CAD renderings of the two best concepts: a slide-in shelving system (upper) and a 

fabric bin (lower).

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A stackable nylon bin and frame with a sloped bottom.

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The fabric material is a cost effective and flexible alternative to solid plastics and 


Sloped bottoms lead into drainage pipes connected to each story, creating a spillway to a central line which can then be re-pumped to be sprayed.

Harvest Nation - Final Render - Sloped 1
Harvest Nation - Final Render - Sloped 2

The tops slide in with 5 separate lid options. Each one may have a different hole pattern for various plant dimensions.

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Harvest Nation - Final Render - Tops 2.p
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