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The Creative and Marketing Team at Design U is a small three-person subset of the Executive Team, in charge of creating the public face of Design U, and making sure all communications run smoothly. You will be working in alongside our creative director, Ian Farnam (that's me), as I second-guess myself about letter spacing, font choice, what I had for breakfast, and every other choice I or humanity has ever made. 

We are looking for two savvy people:

  • Someone who is a camera wizard, who is also good with graphics and has experience working with Adobe suite software.

  • Someone who is good with communications, social media, and words, as I am sadly dyslexic.

These are new positions that have been created as a result of restructuring within Design U. I look forward to meeting and working with you



Access to Adobe Creative Suite

Basic proficiency in Illustrator, InDesign, & Photoshop/Lightroom

Access to and experience with DSLR or MIL Cameras

Basic grasp typography 

Understanding of the importance of critique

Experience with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

A strong grasp of the written language 

Experience with creating graphics for events, shirts, and logos

Ability to communicate and work effectively with Design U Executive team

*all positions executive or otherwise are unpaid