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During the spring spring semester, the DesignU prototyping team worked with Finley’s Barkery. Finley’s is a local dog treat company that focuses on being good for pets and people. For the pets, the treats are made of clean ingredients, and for the people, Finley’s donates 50% of its profits to people with disabilities. 

Finley’s asked DesignU to help redesign the box that the bags of treats come in and an end cap display that they can show retailers to be used in their stores. To accomplish Finley’s goals, the DesignU team incorporated the branding that they use in their recently re-designed bags and extended the color scheme and message onto the boxes and end cap. 

This box,end cap design, and branding solves Finley’s retail presence for customers. It's like a trendy instagrammable coffee shop backdrop for pet owners.


The box design was created with the goal of being a fun, colorful, and intriguing way to receive Finley's treats! We wanted to make the shipping box an extension of their brand by incorporating doodles of people and pets as this brand values both just as much! The boxes highlight the ingredients/flavor on 2 sides and the brand/mission statement on the others.

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In the end, Finley’s and DesignU worked together to create an engaging and immersive end cap and box design to attract customers and quickly convey their message of being good for pets and people. The box design has doodles and vibrant colors that display the minimal ingredients of the treats and attract customers attention to the shelf. The end cap design has a classic dog house form to remind shoppers of their favorite pets at home and encourage them to do better and buy Finley’s treats!


The end cap design gave our team the opportunity to incorporate Finley’s new branding with a fresh user experience in treat buying! We wanted to visually highlight their mission, the natural and low number of ingredients used in their treats, and a call to action to their website and socials on each of the sides. The dog house shaped end cap provides an organic photo opportunity for pets and their owners and a fun and engaging shopping experience.

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Emma Price

Major: Graphic Design, Spanish Studies

Semesters in Design U: 2

Year: Freshman

Dream Job: “Being a Graphic Designer for Google and a facilitator of the “Doodle for Google” contest would be pretty awesome.”

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Beatrice Rasmussen

Major: Individualized Studies; Interdisciplinary Design, Art and Digital Media Studies

Semesters in Design U: 1

Year: Sophomore

Dream Job: “My dream job would be being a Creative/Art Director in either Seattle or NYC!”


Kai Alton

Major: Pre-product Design

Semesters in Design U: 1

Year: Sophomore

Dream Job: “My dream job is to design bicycles and or bikepacking bags for brands such as QBP and Porcelain Rocket.”


Ryan Valentino

Major: Architecture

Semesters in Design U: 3

Year: Sophomore

Dream Job: “My dream job is to design the sets and stages for major events, concerts and productions.”


Noah Hertel

Major: Product Design

Semesters in Design U: 2

Year: Sophomore

Dream Job: “I’d love to combine design and the outdoors working for a company like Black Diamond, Trek Bicycles, or NRS.”