Design U Member Experience

Project Description

How might we better portray Design U to prospective members, and aid current members as they grow within Design U?


Laurel synthesized research on barriers, wayfinding, and leadership to answer this question, and created a strategy for improving the Design U member experience.


Based on her findings, Design U needs to:

1. Create more member-focused content

2. Communicate and promote growth opportunities

3. Post open positions and implement nominations

About Laurel

Laurel Pierskalla is a senior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and minoring in Product Design. She has been in Design U for three semesters. 


Laurel loves interdisciplinary work, and plans to use her analytical and creative skills for good in the future. She is determined to organize and improve the world around her, and enjoys thinking about ways to make things more efficient, beautiful, and sustainable. Laurel is also passionate about leadership and mentorship.