Telo is an organization that aims to advance the movement of those with mobility complications and defeat the stigma of mobility aids. Telo focuses on redesigning mobility aids to see the person first, rather than the disability. Telo also focuses on creating a community where those who struggle with mobility can come to share their stories and feel included.


Our how might we statement consisted of this: how might we design an engaging and interactive web experience that creates a continuous feedback loop with our community and entices purchase? We completed this task by creating a strong web design that is both interactive and community oriented. By having a strong website design, everything is cohesive between the user and the client, and helps to focus on the purpose of Telo rather than technical issues that interrupt the user experience. 

Telo was incredibly helpful and understanding – they let us use our imaginations and experiences to create a successful website in their name. By giving us an opportunity to explore, we came out with a great user experience tool that not only gives the user an option to purchase, but to express themselves and defeat the stigma surrounding mobility aids. This solves the problem around stigma and disabilities, as well as how to approach a new type of mobility aid that takes users forward and keeps their goals in mind. By paying attention to what the client and users want, we created a strong, user-based website that is not only visually appealing but invites users to tell their story and buy a Telo product. 

Meet the Team

Callie Korth


Alan Hagedorn

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Alex Knusel

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Anna Roth


Lillian Fix