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Perky Plant

Perky Plant was founded by Alex and Andrew, best friends and roommates for 5 years, who, like many others, got into plants during the pandemic of 2020 because they were overworked and very unhappy. They had always believed that your environment affects your mood but it wasn't until they bought half a dozen plants that they realized the power of having living things in your environment. When the plants started dying, they decided to make their own plant fertilizer. And being the entrepreneurs they are, making their own fertilizer quickly turned into building a brand focused on improving the mental health of people in the most at-risk age group! In the Summer of 2021 Alex and Andrew launched Perky Plant, and since then they’ve been on a mission to improve the mental health of 1M+ people through plants, awareness, periodic giving to charities and events that reach young adults at the most at-risk time in their lives.

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  • Preliminary research on static instagram - asked consumers from the target market (in cross pollination)

  • Made an informed suggestion to switch social media strategy

  • proposed to create individual posts to make a more active and updated feed

  • Researched the desired aesthetic and created mood boards

  • Made some designs and proposed some additions to the color pallette

Meet the Team
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Sydney Kaiser

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Ayva James

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Lily Hanson