Forever Ware

Forever Ware is a company that partners with several local restaurants in Minneapolis to replace single-use takeout packaging with reusable stainless steel containers. According to CEO Natasha Gaffer, Forever Ware containers are “durable, beautiful, and safe for our health and the planet.” Customers can borrow and then return these containers to any vendor in the network for free.

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Forever Ware is a growing company that worked with us to redesign their website to attract future customers. The company faces the unique challenge of having two different end customers. Both food vendors and individuals need to be able to learn about Forever Ware containers on their website, but these groups are interested in different kinds of information. They also have a separate vendor app, where businesses can log in and purchase Forever Ware products.


To address these challenges, we first looked at how Forever Ware’s competitors had approached the issue. We found that a clear navigation system would allow multiple users to find the information that mattered to them. Another challenge was working on two websites, one for the public and another for vendors that had signed up. By establishing a strong style guide, we were able to make the sites cohesive, but also clear in their intended use. 


Along the way, we conducted user testing. We asked for feedback for our designs and found the need to revisit our page structure. By rearranging where the content was found on the site, we created a better user experience that would attract more clients for Forever Ware down the road.

Meet the Team

Clara Selchow

Honovi Ho

Michael Fahim

Mikayla Mahan

Miranda Hynnek


The prototyping team collaborated with Forever Ware to develop a sleek, sustainable solution for the company’s container needs. We started by doing user testing to identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing container designs. Based on the user testing results and feedback from the client, we decided that our main goal was to create a versatile, yet elegant takeout container. We wanted users to be able to adapt the container to their unique needs, but we also wanted a compact, stackable design with few removable or mechanical parts. 

After many iterations, we delivered three-dimensional models and digital renderings of a final design that can be brought into production. This design is a rounded container with a latch closure and a collapsible handle. The inside of the container incorporates multiple dividers, which allow the user to customize their takeout experience.

Meet the Team
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Emma Laskowski

Alexis Wagenfeld

Allie Butler

Jenna Stellmack