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Institute on the Environment

IonE is a multi-disciplinary institute at the U and their mission is to create a future in which sustainable agriculture feeds the world, renewable energy powers homes, transportation and businesses, & people and the environment can prosper together.

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How might we design a website that is both interactive and informative about the FoodS3 tool and will attract future partners?

During the Fall 2021 semester, our team designed a professional and interactive website for FoodS3. We created multiple prototypes, addressed feedback from the client, and used Figma to design our website.

The original FoodS3 website had useful content but the design was not very user friendly. We started the redesign by assessing the website’s strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, and content. Then we worked on translating our low-fidelity prototype to a high-fidelity prototype. We had weekly client meetings and team meetings where we discussed our progress and future tasks that can be worked on by each other. The feedback from the client helped us improve our prototype. Our team enjoyed working with IonE this semester and we hope that the redesign of the FoodS3 website is both engaging and informative to future partners.

Meet the Team
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Ruchitha Bogireddi

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Alvina Salim

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Monika Bartulovic