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REMastered Sleep

REMastered Sleep is a Minnesota-based company that aims to provide effective and convenient therapy to improve oral posture. Their unique straw design strengthens throat and tongue muscles and has been shown to significantly reduce disruptive snoring in users.


REMastered Sleep’s current bottle design has multiple flaws, including leakage problems, lack of aesthetic appeal, and a cap not designed to match the custom straw. The Prototyping team was tasked with redesigning this cap to resolve these issues. 


The team used research, sketches, and numerous digital and physical models to design a cap that works with the company’s straw design instead of around it. The final product, a 3D-printed cap with a twisting closure system, is unique and works with the straw’s unusual form.

Meet the Team
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Jenna Stellmack

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Joseph Stoll

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Madeline Portway

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Shridhar Vashishtha