The Heart & Hand Center serves northeast Denver and provides support to youth

from 2nd grade to 2 years post graduation through academic support, health and wellness education, social emotional skills, family engagement and creative expression. By creating a nurturing community, Heart & Hand empowers all young people to realize their potential. Heart & Hand envisions a world with no opportunity gap, where all children have access to the resources, skills, and information to build vibrant futures.

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The Digital Team worked on the Heart & Hand website to make Heart & Hand’s mission, values, and impact easily understandable through interactive visual elements. We researched various methods of conveying data, learned how to create animations in Webflow, and implemented interactive elements throughout the new Heart & Hand website in both mobile and desktop and platforms.


Our team also identified and fixed pain points within the Heart & Hand website preventing users from easily accessing and understanding the information that they’re looking for. We researched different types of web users and Heart & Hand’s target audience, analyzed strengths and weaknesses in the current website, ideated improvements for user flow, and implemented accessibility traits and usability fixes throughout the website. Check out the new website launch January 2021!

Meet the Team

Ashmita Sarma

Shruti Agarwal

Julia Pan

Linh Duong

Rose Lam




The Design U Prototyping team worked with Heart and Hand on an interior redesign of their community space. 


Heart and Hand asked the prototyping team to come up with a better way to organize their space in a way that would maximize functionality, supporting the multiple activities and programs that occur in the house on a weekly basis. This included meetings, food and supply drop off/pickup, after school programs, and college prep, among many more!


Throughout the design process, Heart and Hand gave the prototyping team the flexibility to explore the big picture of how their space could be used, beyond what was already offered in the house. The team took this as an opportunity to transform an existing room with the idea of being inclusive to youth in mind. Final deliverables for the project included mood boards, material and items lists, and a redesign cost estimate.

Meet the Team
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Abby Poeschl

Alexis Wagenfeld

Allie Butler

Minh Mai




Heart and Hand wanted the Research and Strategy Division to create a survey that they would send out to their staff and community partners. The purpose of the survey was to ask the staff and community partners what they think is the best way to utilize the Heart and Hand Center space. This was because Heart and Hand believed that their center space was currently being underutilized, especially during the quarantine. We organized the survey based on the different rooms in the Heart and Hand Center, and provided several options for each room to choose from.  

It has been a few weeks since the survey has been sent out to the Heart and Hand staff and community. Due to limited community partner responses, we have only been able to properly analyze staff responses thus far.

Meet the Team
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Sameer Golkonda

Qiu Wu

Olyvia Dibsie

Maryan Osman

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Erik Anderson