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The Design U Crash Course worked with the National Retail Federation Student Association: University of Minnesota (NRFSA). The NRFSA was founded in 2016 and is a student led organization on campus. Their mission is to advance the interest of the retail industry through advocacy, communication, and education. The NRFSA hosts events for students to attend such as corporate company tours, guest speakers, and alumni panels.

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The DUCCs addressed three problems for NRFSA:

  1. How might we bridge the gap between what NRFSA does and what members want to see?

  2. How might we make the NRFSA website experience more user friendly to drive traffic and member engagement?

  3. How might we physically market NRFSA to students on campus?


Research and Strategy:

To begin our collaboration with NRFSA, we conducted interviews with current NRFSA members to hear what they enjoyed and what could be improved. Then, after completing a competitive analysis of three different NRSFA collegiate chapters across the nation, we synthesized a list of event ideas for NRFSA to hold over the spring semester.



We analyzed NRFSA’s current social media and website. Using Figma, we created prototypes for the new homepage and content. The mock-ups were focused on streamlining the menu bar, creating a compelling announcement feed, and formatting navigable subpages.



As NRFSA looks forward to meeting in person post-COVID, they are looking for new physical advertisements and on-campus marketing. We sketched and created lo-fi prototypes for new signage and clothing drive donation bins to supplement event ideas and social media content proposed in earlier stages of the project.

Meet the Team

Anna Holmin

Nini Dang

Tage Wrage