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Sustainable Growth

The SGC is an organization managed by the Environmental Initiative (EI) that forms the network of relationships of major corporations in Minnesota, including companies Best Buy, Barr, 3M, Xcel Energy, and more. The mission of SGC is to promote the discussions of sustainability among member corporations to initiate sustainability projects which in return will save member companies money: return on investment (ROI).


The first few meetings with the client was understanding what SGC did, what they wanted out of the consultation project, and what a successful project looked like. The clients wanted us to capture and visualize the numerous types of ROI for SGC member companies by ultimately interviewing a member within each SGC member corporation via Zoom. How might we do this? To get there, there were multiple steps the team had taken.


As a team, we read through over 30+ case studies of individual member companies, showcasing their particular project in the SGC and the benefits of it. Then, we showcased these findings in both presentation form, ultimately leading to a collective Google Sheets file with all the case study results. The largest obstacle we overcame was organizing each case study into its respective category; the category can not be too broad nor can it be too specific. It had to be the ‘perfect’ question for us to ask the question to the members in the SGC corporations to gain the right amount of information for the visualization of ROI benefits of being a SGC member. Therefore, after design thinking with the team, we decided to visualize the interview questions before categorizing the different types of case studies. One of the questions we came up with is, “Has being an SGC member increased collaboration among other SGC member companies?” This will help us gain a qualitative answer. Then, for the second set of interviews, we would like to dig deeper into these qualitative answers and gain a more quantitative answer for data visualization. The team also discussed alternative methods of interview formats, including a simple Google Survey for the first set of interviews.


As the client wanted us to spend more time famizarlizing ourselves with the case studies and what to ask, the client has scheduled the interviews after the Fall semester; it will start in the beginning of the Spring semester. The next steps are conducting the two sets of interviews, compiling all data results with a $$$ next to each result, and ultimately visualizing the benefits of being a SGC member in terms of ROI.


This project is significant because it is a critical point in the transition to sustainability for major corporations. As most corporations are for profit, corporations would like a monetary motive to switch to more sustainable practices. By doing this work, it may be the catalyst for many companies to be more sustainable while saving money. 

Meet the Team
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Nikos Esh

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Jordan Hawkins

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Sam Wang