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Design U is a student-led pro-bono consultancy at the University of Minnesota. Our members come from all of the different colleges here at the U with majors varying from Chemistry to Computer Engineering to Graphic Design. While we all share a deep passion for design, engineering, and business, our sole mission centers around our vision to design for impact and change in our community and those around us. We bring our different backgrounds, talents, and skillsets to provide each of our clients with kickass results.

We value our commitment to excellence and are proud to say that in 2016 and 2017, we were awarded the Tony Diggs Excellence Award of Outstanding Undergraduate Student Group of the Year, and the Tony Diggs Peoples Choice Award in 2017.


Design U was founded on the basis of giving students hands-on application and interaction with professionals across our community and beyond. We seek to provide our designers two main benefits:

1. Serving the world and community around you. Designing for impact means leaving our community stronger, more sustainable, more inclusive, and simply happier than they were before. We seek to accomplish good. It is that simple.


2. Tangible work experience that will not only benefit you in the interview process, but provide you a foundation for whatever field you decide to enter in the future. We seek to fuel your passions in life.


Design U has 4 divisions. Each division is made up of 3-4 teams of 5-6 designers.

Product Research & Concepting

CAD Models & Sketches

Fabrication  & Prototyping

Comprehensive Benchmarking

User Interviews & Insights

Product Ideas & Suggestions

User Research

Digital Content Structure

Wireframing & Programing

Explores the 3 different divisions:
Research & Strategy


Along with our four core divisions, this organization would not be where it is without our executive board. These individuals help foster growth for each of our designers while staying true to our mission. This team starts the work before anyone even needs it done. By contacting clients before the semester starts to make sure our teams flourish in the design process, this team embodies Design U to its fullest potential.