Cookie Cart

Cookie Cart is a non-profit bakery that provides first-time job experiences and meaningful leadership opportunities for teens. Started by Sister Jean in 1988, with her inviting neighborhood youth into her kitchen to bake cookies, Cookie Cart has grown and impacted thousands of lives over the years. By using the bakery as a classroom, they give teens hands-on experience, customer service education, financial literacy classes, and more. Since 2019, Cookie Cart has employed 304 teens with their first paid job experience, and completed 45,135 hours of hands-on work and classroom experience.


Our team collaborated with Cookie Cart to deliver some killer new packaging for their holiday cookie boxes. We were tasked with making this new holiday packaging design non-religious, yet festive, and the box itself needed to be reinvented so that it was easier for the teens to assemble.  The previous boxes they were using had small tabs that made assembly time long and tedious, making this problem the primary pain point. After multiple rounds of user testing and research, we were able to deliver them with a box that was easy to assemble, cost effective, and could secure without the use of adhesives. 


During our design process, we had two standout themes, so we couldn’t help but to explore them both! The first box design, coined “Woodland Animals”, is down-to-earth, natural, and festive. It gives users that homemade cookie feel while still staying on brand with the Cookie Cart colors and following their identity system. Design number two, “Cheery + Bright”, is mission-oriented, bright, and youthful. Multiple rounds of user testing revealed users wanting to know more about Cookie Cart’s mission through their packaging, so we created graphics on the sides to highlight workers, and numbers to convey Cookie Cart’s impact that are revealed when the user opens their box of delicious cookies. The biggest challenge we ran into while designing both of these boxes was conveying the holiday theme while staying true to the Cookie Cart colors. By adding snowflakes, birch trees, and other winter motifs in their light blue and white colors, our users were able to get a clear sense of this theme. The end results are approachable, fun, and festive.

Meet the Team

Eliza Schmitt

Lucas Roberge

Lucia Sculati

Nini Dang


Tasha O'Donnell