The Arc MN

The Arc Minnesota is a Minnesota-founded nonprofit advocacy organization

whose goal is to support, protect and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

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The Digital Team collaborated with Arc's Value Village, Arc Minnesota’s thrift store, to create a wireframe for their new website redesign. As they were looking to move to an ecommerce solution, we provided research and quantitative evidence to help their transition over to a new platform. In addition to going through financial details like cost and revenue, we also helped our clients understand what other applications integrated with their prospective ecommerce platforms such as facebook marketplace in case they wanted to sell items through a variety of avenues.

In addition to advising on the strategy of  what platform they should use, we spent the remainder of our project duration creating several iterations of their wireframe for their new site. Encompassing our client’s needs and design preferences we continuously revised our existing wireframe to ensure that the clients needs were fulfilled. By running our design through numerous user tests, we ensured that it would have wide user acceptance.

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Clara Sechlow

David Kong

Ethan Reed

Jasmine Jackson

Sydney Kaiser



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Our client wanted our team to develop an instore method to spread knowledge and customer participation in the Arc's mission. We developed several pathways for the client in order to reach these goals.


Our team connected with a printed materials business in the Twin Cities area to provide the Arc Value Village thrift store locations with stickers flyers to promote the stores, while giving customers a chance to participate in The Arc’s mission. The stickers will be sold along with a flyer that the Arc Value Village thrift stores can use to show the customers impact.

The statewide organization is funded through current philanthropic efforts including Annual Fund campaigns, grants, United Way partnerships, corporate partnerships, and events, as well as Arcʼs Value Village thrift businesses, which we use to provide surrounding communities with great, underused products.

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Mohamud Said

Lucas Roberge

Alex Walsh

Cortney Tolson




Mohamud Said

Lucas Roberge

Alex Walsh

Cortney Tolson

Our R+S team took on the role to investigate how the general public perceives people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (Down syndrome, autism, Asperger's, to name a few). We started off by looking into other Minnesota-based human rights organizations and how their campaigns communicate their unique missions and visions to the public. Next we distributed the first survey gauging people's familiarity with IDD, and brought in Minnesotans for a focus group to listen to their personal knowledge and connection with this topic. We then settled on the overarching question our work will eventually help answer: How might we normalize IDD in media and public spaces? 

Feeling like we need more feedback from the public, we launched a second round of survey to gather qualitative responses, with a focus on media representation, public awareness and misconception vs reality. We followed up with 1-1 interviews with responders, and learned honest feedback that gave our research data a personal touch. After sorting and synthesizing our findings, we feel that our data provided a solid step towards answering the How Might We questions we set out in the beginning, and hope our work can assist the Arc in planning their upcoming campaign to engage more Minnesotans in the IDD conversation.

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Amber Heider

Denasia Hamilton

Emma Laskowski

YuQi Zeng