Whole Learners

Whole Learners is a year-long teacher professional program focused on providing tailored training, feedback, and support to educators. This program's goals are to increase educators’ ability to implement new knowledge and skills in the classroom, improve communication between school staff and students, and enhance classroom and school climate and culture.


During the Spring 2021 semester, our team designed and implemented a professional and engaging website for Whole Learners. We created multiple rounds of wireframes, addressed feedback from the client, and used the Wix website builder to bring our design to life.


The original Whole Learners website had useful content, but the design was not optimized for user experience. We started the redesign by assessing the website’s content, strengths, and room for improvement. Then, we dove into our rounds of wireframes and feedback. During this process, we established a style guide based on the Whole Learners brand that defined colors, fonts, and visual styles to use across all pages. We also optimized the site for mobile devices to broaden its accessibility. Our team enjoyed working with Whole Learners this semester, and we hope that the new website will help engage more educators in their program.

Meet the Team
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Tage Wrage

Stacey Dai

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Rose Lam


Our client worked with the Research and Strategy division looking for strategies to expand its current client base. It struggled not only with exposure to its market, but also recognition that coaching teacher-student relationships is a worthwhile effort and that Whole Learners is the platform to do so. We decided we would like to understand the views and behavior of the teachers, school principals and state actors who could use Whole Learners' program. It was also important to engage in changes that would continually strengthen the marketability of the program, like feedback structures that generate performance data or analysis that could be used as marketing material.


Our  team began conducting benchmarking research and surveys with teachers and principals, as well as creating focus groups with teachers. We discarded the principal survey for having too small a sample size and changed the analysis process of the teacher survey for the same reason, but we got rich accounts of teachers describing their main difficulties with the students and how they choose professional development courses. Publicly available student surveys were used to score the reported relationship of teachers and students and prioritize the districts to market to. We believe our strategies for expansion were critically guided by our analysis of this education sector and are confident in seeing the steps Whole Learners chooses to take in the future.

Meet the Team

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