WiseInk is a female-owned indie publishing company local to Minneapolis. Working in collaboration with authors from start to finish, they offer assistance to make professional, high quality and marketable books that will resonate with readers. From planning and building upon books, to launching and selling them, the company offers aid in every step of the process including design, editing, marketing, and distribution.


The Digital Division collaborated with WiseInk, a publishing company, to create a wireframe for a writing prompt app for their client base and new clients alike. We began our project by creating low-fidelity wireframe concepts of what we saw the app looking like, then further developing and combining concepts, functions, and colors we wanted to incorporate into the final model. Through working with the client and conducting user testing, we were able to create a high-fidelity model.

Meet the Team
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Sophie Ulve

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Soumya Khandelwal

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Riley Jones

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Clara Kim