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The Kind Mind Movement

The Kind Mind Movement is an independent organization dedicated to revolutionizing mental health advocacy and kindness in everyday life through building compassion, companionship, and community.


The Kind Mind Movement came to Design U with the question of how the organization might position itself to appeal to college students. In addition, the client was also curious about the kind of services it should provide to fulfill its mission. 

The R&S team first dove into the project by conducting a situation analysis that analyzed The Kind Mind Movement’s organization as a whole, the end-users that it serves, the fierce competition within the space, potential collaborators within the industry, as well as the overall context of the current state of mental health among college students. Afterwards, the R&S team designed in-depth interviews and surveys to be conducted among the target market in order to gain information about the kind of content and services that college students would find meaningful. What we found was that:


  1. College students are looking for low-cost options that would listen to them regarding their mental health,

  2. A supportive community of peers,

  3. And meaningful events for students to cope together or learn something new about mental health management


Given our findings, the R&S team recommended that The Kind Mind Movement first break ground as an official student organization on campus. After establishing its presence, we also recommend The Kind Mind Movement to expand to other local universities within the state to establish new chapters. Finally, we set ambitious goals for the organization to expand to other universities across the country - starting with the rest of the Big 10 schools (since the University of Minnesota is already one of them). Once the organization has fortified its existence across major universities within Minnesota, we expect The Kind Mind Movement to reach hundreds of thousands of college students with access to resources that support the organization’s 3 pillars of companionship, compassion, and community.

Meet the Team
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Qiu Wu

Katherine Ngo

Denasia Hamilton

Sydney Kaiser

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Amber Heider