Legal Me

LegalMe is a company that aims to help startups ease the process of legal work by getting them the right documents and advice at a lower cost. The company aims to empower entrepreneurs by giving them more control over their documents, be able to easily edit and send in for review, and establish a healthy communication channel with their matched attorneys. Moreover, it also aims at providing a platform for lawyers that can be part of a new legal services community, seamlessly being able to tackle new and exciting legal challenges that the startups have to face everyday.


As LegalMe is a startup itself and hasn’t been launched yet officially, therefore, our main job was to provide our client with a basic prototype or wireframe that can then be implemented by them for developing the actual website. Therefore, our team started out by first sketching out basic designs for the different pages of the website. Later, we discussed and worked on it together with the client to finalize one of the designs.

From there on, we worked on translating our low-fidelity prototype to a high-fidelity prototype using Figma and Typeform, for the quizzes. We had a client-meeting and a team-meeting every week where we discussed our progress and future plans and tasks that can be worked on by each other. The constant feedback from the client by being in a loop with him helped us improve our prototype and the wireframe continuously. Along with that, we conducted user-testing over zoom and using a google form to get some feedback by the real-time users regarding the changes that they would suggest for the prototype. Using that, we were able to develop the final deliverable prototype for our client by including changes such as reducing the font-size and boxes used in it to the kind of design used for the quizzes.

Meet the Team

Sahil Raina

Amy Nguyen

Riley Jones

Ganne Shin