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Brightside Produce

Brightside Produce is a company that strives to make high-quality, low cost produce available to consumers. With their self-sustaining, economic model, they provide home deliveries as well as having produce at over 35 store locations. On top of providing fruits and vegetables at a low price, they also make donations, provide fruit bowls to campuses. and focus on education of social justice and food systems.


The DUCC team tackled three mini projects for Brightside Produce in the areas of Research + Strategy, Digital, and Prototyping.


Research + Strategy

How might we expand Brightside’s customer base?

We started by conducting a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) for five of Brightside's biggest competitors, and built suggestions for Brightside based on our findings. We found Brightside needed to advertise their niches of local sourcing and sustainability well, be more consistent and transparent with their mission on their website, and offer new marketing tactics that preached affordability. We also researched ways to reach Brightside’s college student audience, and suggested Brightside utilize grassroots and social media marketing, aesthetic improvements, Instagram ads based on location, and incentivising discounts and referral codes for new customers.



How might we revamp Brightside’s digital customer outreach?

Leveraging our findings from the R + S project, we worked to improve Brightside’s website, social media, and email newsletter. Our team created social media post examples ranging from weekly delivery schedules to company giveaways. Additionally, we created new website wireframes and email newsletter templates for Brightside.



How might we prototype a fruit holder that is aesthetically pleasing and serves as a marketing campaign?

The goal of the fruit basket was to have it in various academic and business offices as a way to market Brightside as well as offer people fresh produce while they are in a waiting room. Through sketches and rough physical prototypes, we developed multiple fruit bowl options for Brightside that gave them the best marketing opportunity and most visually appealing representation of their brand.

Meet the Team
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Sophie Ulve

Anna Roth

Natalie DeBaker

Callie Korth

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Maddie Strick