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NFRSA is an organization at the UMN that gets students interested in retail involved in the retail environment and can give students new connections through social events.


Some hard efforts that our team came up against were definitely covid related. Not being able to meet up in person all the time did make communication and goal setting a bit more difficult. However, we found a way and got to not only meet up in person but make some new friends too. We had so many great brainstorming sessions and had wonderful criticisms we worked with which led to some amazing designs! The best part was when we finally figured out what we were going to make for NRFSA as they wanted to get more people involved in their organization as they seem to be a less known organization within the university. This led our team to develop memorable items like pins and luggage tags to be given out to new and old members alike that they can use to remember certain experiences within or facts about the organization. This should help NFRSA become more widely known and have more students spread the word about the amazing opportunities within it!

Meet the Team
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Minh Mai

Emily Herold

Kat Regas

Ethan Jones