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Tare Market

Tare Market is an innovative store focused in selling different household items but, with the notorious difference of, being a zero waste store. The store offers a wide range of package-free sustainable living products, as well as bulk shelf-stable foods and cleaning products. Their overall mission is to meet you where you are in your journey and help you find ways to reduce your waste and fight climate change.

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The overall goal for Design U’s partnership with Tare Market this semester is to support the implementation of Tare market’s “Tare Market Mini” project! The idea behind Tare Market Mini is to display curated zero waste products in other small businesses, allowing those businesses to sell products while helping to expand Tare Market’s reach.   


The prototyping team will be involved in this project through designing and building a display, or tiered shelf, to be used to showcase products in other stores. In scope items for this project are:


  • Selection of products to be on display in other stores

  • Design of display for easy set up/take down, and that contains back stock for easy restocking

  • Design a display that is versatile for different store types (coffees, restaurants, small groceries) and yet holding Tare Market’s style.

  • Incorporates Tare Market’s brand and educational messaging on zero waste

Meet the Team
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Dakota Santillan


Mara Pollmann


Laura Kuchar


Jun Lin


Jeobani Reyes-Leon


Vivian Nguyen



Meet the Team
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Will Silva

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Grace Port

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Noah Vande Loo

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Sabrina Nelson