BetterBev is a local Twin Cities startup producing BŪCH, a kombucha hard seltzer. The first of its kind within the alternative adult beverage category in Minnesota, BŪCH balances the refreshing finish of hard seltzer with the health benefits of kombucha.

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During the Fall 2020 semester, the DesignU prototyping team was tasked with developing new packaging designs for BŪCH that are as exciting and unique as the beverage they contain. Beginning with market research and positioning, we established key characteristics of the product and identified several distinct packaging design themes to explore further. Each of our designers dove into one of these themes for the majority of the project’s duration. As our designs progressed, each iteration was met with feedback and direction from the clients, and we also had the opportunity to collaborate with DesignU’s Research & Strategy team to receive valuable user feedback towards the completion of our designs. At the close of this project, our team delivered four unique designs for both beverage can and box packaging, providing BetterBev with a broad launch point for further packaging development as they bring their product line closer to market!

Meet the Team

Beatrice Rasmussen

Jenna Stellmack

Kate Brinkert

Lucia Sculati



Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, our team joined forces with BetterBev, a local Twin Cities startup, to conduct market research into the kombucha/ hard seltzer market. The client was looking to introduce a hard kombucha seltzer product, the first of its kind in Minnesota, to local consumers. We also collaborated with the Prototyping division to conduct market research into consumer perceptions of packaging designs to better understand how to position the product in stores. 


During the first half of the semester we conducted a competitive analysis and rolled out a market research survey to help BetterBev better gauge its potential audience and understand initial consumer perceptions of their current product positioning. Throughout the latter half of the semester, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Prototyping team and showcased that team's designs in our surveys, presenting feedback in real-time to the client and the design team. We ended the semester by comparing consumers' perceptions of the final iterations of the designs that received the most positive feedback. In terms of next steps for BetterBev, additional research could be allocated towards product positioning and shelf placement in stores selling adult beverages.

Meet the Team
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Abigail Fritz

Sophie Johns

Sean Cheng

Anisha Joshi

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Skye Gao