Let us work together free of charge and take your business to the next level

What makes you
the right client?
  • Working to help change the local community and/or beyond. We do not limit our acceptance to only Minnesota-based companies. We want you no matter where you are from.

  • Openness to taking risks and challenging the status quo​.

  • Having an understanding of the area of growth they want help in.

  • Helping with the professional development process of our members and having a desire to work with students and make a lasting impression in their lives

  • Desiring to take said final deliverables and make them into lasting results for your company

Expectations for clients
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings as well as kickoff and portfolio event

  • Timely communications with project team: emails, phone-calls, face-to-face meetings, etc

  • Intention to implement deliverables post semester and beyond

What we can provide our clients:

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Product Research
& Concepting

CAD Models & Sketches

Fabrication  & Prototyping

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+ Strategy

Comprehensive Benchmarking

User Interviews & Insights

Product Ideas & Suggestions

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User Research

Digital Content Structure

Wireframing & Website Creation

What does becoming our client look like time-wise?
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Whether we reached out to you or you reached out to us, we will always live by our saying, “How might we Design U?”  We desire to help you in whatever aspect you need.

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Meeting with Division Directors
Round 1
Meeting with Presidents
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